Simulation and Self-Organization


  • Mathematical models of competition, evolution, and economic activities
  • Ontogeny and phylogeny
  • Pattern formation and communication in biological systems
  • Multi-agent and intelligent agent modelling and analysis
  • Techniques for large-scale simulation
  • Applications of self-organization to the creation of structures
  • Applications of computational science to testing biological, social, and economic theories
  • Organic computing

SIMSO 2013 ‎‎‎‎(Public)‎‎‎‎


Lecture: Wednesdays, 13:45 - 15:15 @ Room 48-462 - 14 sessions 
KIS: course info
First Session: 23 October 2013
Tutor: Mohammad Reza Yousefi (
Exercises: Weekly sessions every Thursday 10:00 - 10:45 (Starting from 31.10.2013). Room 48 - 379
Reading: Papers


  • Dates: July 2014 (up to 25 July 2014) (NEW)
  • Admission (Zulassung): completing at least 50% of the assignments averaged over all handed out tasks is required for admission to the exam.
  • You should bring all the submitted assignments to the exam session.
  • Oral Exam Guide + Worksheet
  • Sample questions that might be asked in an exam.
  • Registration: Please contact to arrange an appointment for the oral exam at least a month prior to the desired date (the exam appointment should also be registered with the Prüfungsamt. Please note that registration with the Prüfungsamt should be done 15 days before the exam appointment itself.).